i.Tech Clip R35 Bluetooth headset for musicphones

i.Tech Clip R35 Bluetooth headset for musicphones


So, you think you’re king of the hill with your rockin’ new cell phone. Yeah, it’s got music playback capabilities and built-in A2DP stereo, but you don’t want to invest in a pricey Bluetooth stereo headset? Go pseudo-wireless, then, with the new i.Tech Clip R35 Bluetooth solution.

Supporting both mono and stereo mode, the controller portion clips onto wherever you’d like (doubling as a tie clip, perhaps, like in the provided photo) and the actual headphones themselves sprout out of there and into your ears. This way, your earbuds aren’t directly connected to your phone, eliminating at least a little bit of the tangle. The controls don’t go much further than play/pause and track selection, but it does come with a nifty blue LED.

Talk time is reported at 6 hours, with standby running up to 150 hours based on a three hour charging session. Available in black or white, the i.Tech Clip R35 is available now through Hi-im Intertrade in Korea for 89,000 KRW (US$93).