Hi-Cam Pro X2 provides live aerial videography

Hi-Cam Pro X2 provides live aerial videography


Some of the coolest amateur movies that people can make are when someone decides to attach a video recorder to a moving object, be it a remote control car, train, or in this case, a plane. The Pro X2 from Hi-Cam is an aerial video system that is incredibly small and “can be mounted on just about anything.”

No need to wait until your radio-controlled aircraft or UAV comes back down to Earth either, because the Pro X2 system is designed to allow for live transmission of “high-quality video and audio.” The receiver is included in the package, and can be mated to a TV monitor, VCR or camcorder.

This isn’t completely new. The company has already produced the Micro 100 and Pro 100, which are very similar to the Hi-Cam Pro X2. As with anything else, of course, the newest offering improves on its successors in oh so many ways.

Video courtesy of HackedGadgets: