Casio CW-E6: a fast, light CD label printer

Casio CW-E6: a fast, light CD label printer


With all those portable gadgets running around now, it only makes sense that a new CD label printer comes on the scene. Gotta keep track of all your, er, backup CDs, right? Well, it’s from Casio, and it prints a label of up to 8 lines in just 8 seconds.

Just plug in a USB cable from the Casio CW-E6 printer to your laptop or other portable CD-burning device, and you’re good to go. You can use the included Disc Designer software or design your own labels.

The CW-E6 is eminently portable, small enough to hold in your hand, and has an attractive price of just US$88. One thing to note: The copying system is a thermal one, which might get a bit hot after awhile.