Sony Ericsson HCB-700 outfits your car with Bluetooth

Sony Ericsson HCB-700 outfits your car with Bluetooth


Several higher end vehicles these days come equipped from the factory with Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing drivers to have seamless, handsfree conversations. Not all of us have the kind of bankroll to pick up a Mercedes, though, so Sony Ericsson has jumped into the mix and is offering the HCB-700 Bluetooth device for the rest of us. It’s arguably even better than those OEM packages.

Not only can you do the usual voice dial from entries found in your phone, but this handy aftermarket device also supports voice digit dialling.

The two piece design of the HCB-700 is meant to provide for the best user interface possible. The first piece is a display unit that can be mounted at eye level, allowing you to check the caller ID or what have you, without being distracted too far away from the road ahead.

The second piece acts as the controller and is shaped like a simple knob with buttons on top for picking up, hanging up, activating Bluetooth, and opening up the phonebook. Just don’t mistake it for your shifter.