Nintendo DS Lite gets battery boost

Nintendo DS Lite gets battery boost


I’ve never owned a Nintendo DS, so I can’t speak to the battery life of that particular device, but given my experience with a Game Boy Advance SP and most recently with the Nintendo DS Lite, I can say that those two devices pack plenty of juice. My NDSL has been known to stay on for more than 12 hours at a time, in fact. But hey, you don’t always have access to a wall plug, and that’s why the Charge Boy DS and DLite Power have popped onto the market.

Both units make use of regular dry cell batteries, transferring their energy into your portable “touching is good” dual-screened gamer. The Charge Boy DS uses three AA batteries and provides about 2 extra hours at maximum brightness or up to 8 hours if the DS Lite is at the dimmest setting. Retail price is 2500 Yen ($21).

Although the 980 Yen ($8) DLite Power is physically smaller than the Charge Boy, it actually provides more juice because it packs in four AA batteries. In this way, it offers between 3 hours and 10 hours of extra power, depending on the brightness setting.