Motorola’s latest PTT phone is the i670 clamshell

Motorola’s latest PTT phone is the i670 clamshell


No longer do you need to lug around a big brick of a bar phone to take advantage of Motorola’s industry-leading push-to-talk technology. The prominent cell phone maker has recently unveiled several rugged designs that take on the clamshell form factor, and the latest addition to this line is the i670. The all black design shows that this phone means business, and the large 130 x 130 internal display is perfectly adequate for most of your needs.

In addition to PTT communication, the Motorola i670 features an integrated Assisted GPS navigation system, JAVA technology, Direct Talk off-network digital walkie talkie capabilities, and support for MMS to transfer sounds, images, and video.

As expected with an iDEN product from Motorola, the i670 is being sold through Sprint and Nextel distribution channels. Retail price is $250, but that takes a significant cut down to fifty bucks if you put your John Hancock on a two-year contract.