Mercury in mobile phone batteries linked to autism

Mercury in mobile phone batteries linked to autism


It’s not enough to bury those old mobile phone batteries. You have to really clean them up. That’s the argument being put forward by a molecular biologist from the U.K. who has recently reported a link between autism in children and the toxic metals that seep out of old phone batteries.

The scientist is Dr. Richard Lathe, and he specializes in autism and other brain disorders. Research has shown that autistic children have trouble ridding their bodies of toxic metals like mercury, which is found most commonly in batteries previously used to power mobile phones.

These batteries are routinely buried in landfills; however, rain that falls on these landfills causes mercury to leak out of the batteries. Also, burning these batteries releases mercury straight into the atmosphere.

Lathe drew on research done in France and in the U.S., both of which pointed to a link between mercury and autism. The solution, he says, is to destroy the batteries so that the mercury does not escape.