Europe to receive Samsung SGH-P200 UMA phone

Europe to receive Samsung SGH-P200 UMA phone


Yes, the crew over at Samsung are claiming yet another world’s first. This time, they’re marketing the SGH-P200 as the world’s first Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) phone, and they’re shipping it off to the European market. The key appeal to this handset is its ability to latch onto high speed data networks: not only can it do the usual GSM, GPRS, and EDGE dance that we’ve yawned about the past few years, but it jumps onto WiFi networks as well.

What this means, according to, is that users can enjoy VoIP not only when they find themselves in a WiFi hotspot, but also through regular mobile telecommunications networks, maybe even vice versa. In this way, there is a seamless transition between the two standards.

Other key features include a slider form factor (naturally), a 1.3 megapixel camera with video recording capabilities, MP3 playback, and a “file viewer.” No word on pricing.