Do you know what phone you own?

Do you know what phone you own?


Be honest. Do you know what brand and model your mobile phone is? If you don’t, you’re not alone. A survey conducted by Ipsos MORI for LogicaCMG asked 761 mobile phone users over the age of 15 what they had in their pocket. 49% percent of those surveyed couldn’t come up with the model of their phone, and a further 9% couldn’t even name the maker.

The results are interesting if not all that surprising. It tells us that phone makers have a real challenge selling the more profitable higher end phones. After all, it seems like many people don’t care what the phone is as long as it works and has basic functions.

Not us, of course. People who read sites like this know what they have and what they want, but makers and operators will have to continue to educate buyers in order to create more demand for their phones with better margins (i.e., the more expensive ones).