Burn video DVDs without a PC

Burn video DVDs without a PC


So you chronicle your latest highlight on your videocam and you want to burn it to a DVD to share with family and friends. Normally, to do this, you’d hook up the camera to your PC. But why?

The folks at JVC asked that question as well and answered it, “Why not?” The result is the GZ-MG77KR, a rather long-titled product that allows direct camera-to-DVD transfer. Just plop that JVC Everio camera into the camera slot, insert a DVD, and burn away.

Eliminating the PC step also saves you time, and better yet, you can also do this on the fly. Should you want to incorporate the PC after all, you can connect this burner and use it to burn DVDs from the computer.

As of now, as with many other nifty gadgets, the JVC GZ-MG77KR is available only in South Korea.