B-Flex Hi-Fi speakers more bendy than a gymnast

B-Flex Hi-Fi speakers more bendy than a gymnast


Granted, most laptops on the market don’t produce remarkable sound quality (or anything close to it for that matter), and that’s why you typically have to resort to a desktop with a decent 2.1 or 5.1 speaker set to blow your socks off. That’s okay, because notebooks are meant to be portable, so it’s understandable not to have the big screen, big sound experience.

You can try for bigger sound though. The team at JLab have put together the B-Flex Hi-Fi, a simple speaker that connects via USB and has a flexible arm for you to obtain the best listening angle possible. No drivers are required, nor is any source of external power: the B-Flex pulls its juice right out of that USB port.

It won’t exactly rock the Kasbah with its 2W digital amp, but this speaker is likely better than those “tiny ones that come with older notebooks.” The going price for the JLab B-Flex Hi-Fi speaker is a cool forty bucks.