Alfa Romeo Spix flying car concept

Alfa Romeo Spix flying car concept


Alfa Romeo has a new concept flying car. Alright, not really, but an artist from Belgium has created his vision of what such a car would look like, and he has called it the Alfa Romeo Spix.

Before you get too excited, though, it’s not really a flying car either. It’s more of a hovering car which would travel on our existing highways, as you can see in the mind-blowing video that the artist has produced. It’s like your own landspeeder a la Luke Skywalker.

The car does an interesting job of combining some very classic lines with some design elements that don’t leave any questions at all about what era the car is from.

What’s as interesting as the design, though, is the fact that this guy has obviously put in a whole lot of time to create this, and that there are hundreds of other people out there doing the same things for fun. Who knows what amazing technology will come to the car industry from the minds and computers of outsiders in years to come…