Hybrid Mercedes S-Class destined for 2008

Hybrid Mercedes S-Class destined for 2008


We’ve seen hybrids coming out of Ford, as well as several models from the Toyota camp. Now we turn to Germany for another automaker ready to jump into the gas-electric forum, because Mercedes-Benz has just announced that they will be offering their first hybrid car in 2008.

The configuration is said to be quite “mild”, as opposed to a “full” hybrid system. What this means is that the gas engine is always running, unlike “full” hybrids on the market where the engine shuts off completely at full stops. Instead, the electric motor in the new Mercedes, not being able to operate independently, will only work to provide additional power.

The plan is throw this “mild” hybrid technology into the S-Class as an option. No word on pricing, but if other hybrids are any indication, you will definitely be paying a premium to get your hands on the gas-electric version. Direct competition includes the 430hp Lexus LS 600h L full hybrid.