Extra rugged Symbol MC50 PDA a little porky

Extra rugged Symbol MC50 PDA a little porky


When you see a device like this that comes with a strap on the back to make sure you can actually hold on to it, you know you have something pretty porky. The Symbol MC50 is an Enterprise-level PDA and is designed to be used “in the field”, and not by Joe Public during his nine-to-five office gig. But hey, this thing is built tough. So tough, in fact, that it’ll survive a three foot drop.

They’re claiming that the MC50 will handle e-mail, scheduling, CRM, signature capture, and other applications, as well as phone calls on the go. And if you’re concerned about racking up the bill with mobile internet, you can rest a little easier because the MC50 comes with 802.11b WiFi.

The 240 x 320 pixel TFT LCD touchscreen gives you plenty of workspace, and the QWERTY keyboard makes text entry a breeze. Other key specs include an Intel XScale 520 MHz processor, 64MB each of RAM and ROM, SDIO expansion slot, and a 1.1 megapixel camera. Interestingly, it’s running on WinMo 2003 SE, and not WM5.