Biometric iQBioDrive marketed as iPod backup system

Biometric iQBioDrive marketed as iPod backup system


It’s not enough that thieves can seize your laptop, mobile phone, and music player. An increasing number of mobile professionals are reporting their portable hard drives stolen as well.

If you have the iQBioDrive though, you don’t have to worry, at least about the last part. This 100GB drive plugs into any USB port and allows quick data transfer with an enhancement: AES 128-bit encryption that gets unlocked only when your very own fingerprint swipes across the built-in sensor.

Let’s go back to the gigabyte number. That’s 100 gigs. That’s more than enough to store all of the songs on the most memory-heavy iPod. Indeed, this drive is being marketed as an iPod backup system.

That said, I can think of a number of other systems that could stand to have all of their contents backed up on such a portable drive, including the vast majority of laptops and a goodly number of desktops. With the increasing number of video downloads these days, it’s no wonder that consumers are looking for ways to keep on downloading without overloading their systems. This portable drive would seem to fit that bill admirably, with the added attraction of the bio-based security system.

The drive is a bit pricey, at US$299.95, but you’re paying for technology and security here, so it might just be worth it.