Aquadock waterproof speakers not only for iPods

Aquadock waterproof speakers not only for iPods


Fess up. You or someone you know sings in the shower. It’s OK. Lots of people do it.

But you don’t want to just sing. You want to sing along. What we need is some sort of waterproof speaker for that iPod, so we can have our sing-in-the-shower cake and eat it too. The Aquadock is a large piece of that cake.

You plop the iPod (or, indeed, any portable MP3 player) down into the airtight guts of the Aquadock, plug in to the stereo system, and close the top. Voila! Instant digital tunes streaming out of the dual speakers, and best of all, it’s waterproof.

You can change the volume using the external controls, or switch over to the built-in AM/FM radio if you really want to. The whole thing can even be hung from the showerhead using the included rope.

Because it’s waterproof, the Aquadock feels right at home next to the pool or at the beach, thanks to the included stand and a set of 4 AA batteries.

Suggested retail price on this handy little item is a cool US$29.99.