American Mercedes dealers don’t want to sell Smart car

American Mercedes dealers don’t want to sell Smart car


I would say that the Smart ForTwo has done quite well for itself in Canada, selling out of Mercedes-Benz dealerships right alongside the more upscale models, including the SLK, CLK, and S-Class lines. It seems a little out of place in the showroom with vehicles that for as much as 10 times more, but that hasn’t hampered its sales one bit.

American Mercedes dealerships, however, are opposed to selling the Smart car out of their showrooms, despite the fact that DaimlerChrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche is heavily pushing for the fuel-sipping brand to make a big splash in the States. The dealers are concerned about damaging the Mercedes-Benz image, according to Mercedes dealer council chairman Doug Callahan.

That said, DaimlerChrysler has already announced that the Smart car will definitely be States-bound for 2008, so they’ll have to find somewhere to sell it. Some have said that the ForTwo would be a better fit in a Chrysler or Dodge showroom, but Callahan is simply hoping to make Smart sales in Mercedes dealerships optional.