A laptop desk you can use in the car

A laptop desk you can use in the car


You might have wished at some point that you could fire off a few emails or check a spreadsheet one last time while you’re stuck in traffic. Well, an entire company has sprung up to meet that need.

Cargo Desk is both the name of the company the product. The product is exactly what you’d expect it to be: a desk for your laptop, mobile phone, and even file folders that you can plunk down on the passenger seat in your car. The flat surface lets your laptop sit there, open, ready for input, and also includes two mounts for other portable devices, such as cell phones or PDAs.

The Cargo Desk is made of sturdy metal and also includes contours that allow you to run cords from the surface to the inner storage compartment. It’s an open-top desk, just like the ones you or your parents used to use in school. This storage compartment allows the well-known TSA lock, for security and portability.

You can get this handy item in one of five models, with a host of add-ons as well, including trolley wheels, a power inverter, a slide-out desktop much the one you probably have on your desk at work, and even mounts for a printer or FAX machine.

Prices run from US$149.95 to US$329.95. Complete installation and instruction manuals are available as well, though the company isn’t saying whether use of the product has been approved by the Traffic Safety Police.