ON TIME aggressively collects car payments, remotely kills the starter

ON TIME aggressively collects car payments, remotely kills the starter


Sometimes, we’re not aware of things until they are exported to other countries. This is the case, at least for me, with the ON TIME payment system, a method of collecting auto loan payments that goes to a bit of an extreme.

ON TIME is a device that is installed under your vehicle’s dashboard. The device counts down the last three days before your payment is due. Each of these days, the corresponding number flashes, reminding you that your payment is due in that many days. If the device flashes the number 1 for 24 hours, then the starter-interrupt feature kicks in. If you do make your payment, however, the lender sends a message to the microprocessor inside the ON TIME device, allowing you to keep on driving. Of course, this gadget is usually only used for high-risk cases.

ON TIME’s manufacturer, Payment Protection Systems of California, says it is expanding its operations to the United Kingdom, with an unveiling at the British International Motor Show in London. Currently, more than 200,000 ON TIME devices are installed throughout North America. Even more devices can be found in New Zealand and Cyprus.

The company says that its devices have significantly reduced late payments and repossessions of vehicles. Having one of those things in my car would certainly convince me to make all the payments.