Lamborghini Miura to become a reality?

Lamborghini Miura to become a reality?


You can roar up the road in a Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carrera GT, or Mercedes-Benz SLR (if you can get your hands on any of those), but you may soon have another option when it comes to a super speedy halo car. Lamborghini fans, prepare to wet your pants, because word is that the Miura could be heading into production.

The retro-styled coupe will likely make use of the same architecture as the Audi R8 supercar and find its power from a modified version of the monstrous 6.2L V12 currently planted in the Murcielago. The limited production Miura has a definite lower-key appearance than its Gallardo and Murci counterparts, but it will surely be just as fast and nimble.

Of course, this is still in the “rumblings on the interweb” stage, so we’ll just have to sit tight until the automaker makes some kind of official announcement.