I-Deck: iPod dock, album art showcase

I-Deck: iPod dock, album art showcase


Nostalgic for the album art that you’re not seeing on your iPod? Michael Kennedy has the answer for you.

Kennedy is an English designer, and he has recently unveiled the I-Deck (not to be confused with the i-Deck), a dock for your iPod that harkens to the days of yore when vinyl ruled the world and music enthusiasts bandied about terms like “45” and “B-side.”

Just plunk that modern MP3 player into the dock and you’re off on a trip down memory lane (or at least a glimpse of how music used to be played). The rather retro-looking tabletop is actually a touchscreen LCD, which allows you to sift through the thousands of digital songs on your iPod. The album art shines through on the turntable-lookalike.

Now if we could only find a dog that would sit there and look at the whole thing.