Ford developing rear-wheel drive sedan in Australia

Ford developing rear-wheel drive sedan in Australia


Ford is going to have a rear wheel drive sedan to compete with the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger, and it is going to come from an unlikely source. It has been confirmed that the company is developing a rear wheel drive platform and that the work is being done in Australia.

The new model, which would replace the Fairlane and the LTD, would have a shorter wheelbase than both those vehicles. The as of yet unnamed car would be based on the Falcon, a model from Down Under, but it would be more luxurious than that offering.

Ford Australia is looking to export the vehicles to the United States, leveraging current technology and development instead of re-inventing products. The division expects that they could export 15,000 to 30,000 vehicles per year to the U.S.

Of course, if Ford were to hit a home run and create a vehicle that is in high demand, that production level wouldn’t be enough and they’d have a new problem on their hands. The way things are going for the company, though, that’s a problem they would love to have. The cars could be ready as soon as 2008.