Company lays off employees, demands iPod bonus back

Company lays off employees, demands iPod bonus back


So you work really hard and you get a bonus, but then the company turns around and lays you off. Then, they ask for the bonus back. Sound a little twisted? It might be, but it’s also the absolute truth for a handful of employees at National Semiconductor.

The company got a lot of good karma recently for giving all of its 8,500 employees a 30GB video iPod as a reward for all their hard work. The gifts were in response to a very successful year in the bottom line department.

Now comes word that the company has laid off 35 people at a plant in Arlington, Va., and demanded that those people give their iPods back. You can probably assume that if those bonuses were in the form of cold, hard cash, the company couldn’t and wouldn’t ask for anything back.

Is this right? Is it fair? Doesn’t really matter what we think, because that’s what National Semiconductor has done. Will they get those iPods back? Does this story undermine the previous one? That’s for you to decide.