Acer Ferrari notebooks launch at end of July

Acer Ferrari notebooks launch at end of July


Gentlemen, start your engines. Or your laptops. The Ferrari series of notebooks from the crew at Acer are ready to ship for the end of this month, igniting the interest of sports car fans clear cross the globe.

Yes, granted that it’s just one big clever marketing scheme — Ferrari has little to do with the laptops other than certain design cues and an emblem on the cover — but there’s something definitely appealing about the Ferrari 1000 and 5000 series laptops, which were first introduced way back in May.

Just to bring you back up to speed, these speed demons come powered by AMD Turion X2processors, complete with the new 64-bit architecture. For the 5000 series, they opted for a 15.4-inch TFT LCD, a 1.3 megapixel webcam (Acer OrbiCam), WLAN, Bluetooth 2.0, and an up to 160GB HDD. There’s even an option for a HD-DVD optical drive. The gamer-centric Ferrari 1000 series, on the other hand, comes packed with a 512MB ATI Radeon XPress 1150 graphics chipset and 12.1-inch Acer CrystalBrite widescreen. Prices start at around $2,500.