MPC-9000 field computer likes it rough

MPC-9000 field computer likes it rough


It might not exactly be Origami chic, but this rugged little number can really take a licking and keep on ticking. In this way, the MPC-9000 field computer is perfectly suited for military applications, as well as researchers and surveyors who have to hit some less than ideal circumstances.

This big block of fun doesn’t appear to be the same size as a metal lunchbox, but it’s not like carrying around a desktop computer either. The LCD monitor comes in either 15.4- or 17-inch varieties, and the beast itself comes with a 400 watt power supply. There are four drive bays for your HDDs, DVD-ROMs, and such, as well as a fold-down keyboard, an aATX micro-motherboard, a full gig of RAM, and your choice of Intel or AMD dual-core processors.

The solid aluminium alloy chassis is pretty darn powerful, and it’ll survive drops and hits without a hitch thanks to the rubber bumpers. Other optional features include gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, PCI slots, and more. No word on pricing.