More recalls for Toyota, some for Nissan too

More recalls for Toyota, some for Nissan too


Toyota is having a rough week with recalls. They already have to fix 160,000 Tundra pickups to remove an airbag shut-off switch in order to make the vehicles safer for kids, and now they also are being forced to recall 367,500 Toyota and Lexus SUVs in the U.S. The problem is that a small piece of the front console can come loose and interfere with the gas pedal. I’m no driving safety expert, but that sounds like it could be bad.

The vehicles involved are the 2004-05 models of the Toyota Highlander and Lexus RX 330, along with early 2006 models of the Highlander Hybrid and Lexus RX 400h. There have been seven complaints and two accidents caused by the problem to date.

Toyota isn’t alone with the problems this week. Nissan is recalling 201,000 of the 2.5-liter Altima and Sentra sedans (model year 2003). Changes in temperature can interfere with a sensor and cause the engine to cut out at low speeds or in stop and go traffic. The problem has caused one crash and no injuries.