iSonic SL-NE3 nano phones: Stick ’em in your ears

iSonic SL-NE3 nano phones: Stick ’em in your ears


The main thing to know about these earphones is that they are being marketed as being comfortable. They have three layers of silicon on each ear bud for extra comfort, as well as more noise reduction. For my money, that’s more than enough. The design also suggests that it will sit in the ear more easily than some other earphones on the market today, especially the ones that come with the iPod.

The other thing to notice about this product, the SL-NE3 from iSonic, is that the non-earbud end of the phones is attached to a dock, which hangs around your neck for easy access to that iPod nano, for which this product is designed.

And since the nano comes in more than one color, so does the SL-NE3. You can get one in white or in black.

The introduction of this product is on a Japanese-language website, where you can discover that the price translates to about US$35.