d-Media System Co. launches G4 navigation device

d-Media System Co. launches G4 navigation device


If you cruise around your home town quite often, you really shouldn’t get lost finding your way to any major attraction, but when you find yourself in foreign territory, it’s easy to take a wrong turn and end up in a not so nice neighbourhood. Prices for GPS handheld devices are getting cheaper and cheaper, and it seems to best compete in the market, you need a large-ish screen, in a small-ish form factor, with loads of extra functionality.

The G4 GPS navigation device for d-Media System Company is the latest addition to this craze of electronic map-reading and way-finding. With a wide 4-inch display and a number of additional features, the G4 is quite the sight to behold. The e-compass and G sensor ensure that you are still heading in the right direction when you drive through tunnels or over bridges, and the built-in Bluetooth support is a definite bonus.

Already know the route? Then shut off the GPS side of things and play some MPEG4 videos to entertain the kiddies on the long drive to grandma’s house. No word on pricing, but you can probably figure out the North American availability thing.