Budget-minded Symbian OS v9.3 on the way

Budget-minded Symbian OS v9.3 on the way


While this may not quite be akin to the migration to Windows Mobile 5.0 so many moons ago, the latest upgrade to the Symbian mobile operating system is certainly a welcome advancement in the world of portable communication and productivity. They have just announced the availability of Symbian OS v9.3, which will not only give consumers a few things to cheer about, but will also offer “cost-effective deployment for mobile operators.”

Whether you’re still developing for 2.5G, or upping the ante into 3G or even 3.5G HSDPA, Symbian is hoping to help handset manufacturers reduce the costs involved in developing new hardware.

Symbian OS v9.3 comes with several enhancements over the older version when it comes to us, the end user, as well. Boot times are improved, application start-ups are speedier, memory management is better, and there is a whole new set of development tools. Best of all, migration to the new OS is easy because v9.3 is perfectly compatible with 9.1 third-party apps.