Ultimate Theft Alert v2.1 tells you who stole your Pocket PC

Ultimate Theft Alert v2.1 tells you who stole your Pocket PC


There are tons of bad guys out there, always out to steal the hippest new laptop or iPod from you, and in your paranoid state, sometimes you’re just not sure how best to protect your expensive gadget without resorting to leaving it at home (which kind of defeats the whole purpose of getting it in the first place). A new software-based solution has popped up on the market, Theft Alert v2.1, that automatically sends a thief’s contact number to you if and when your Pocket PC device is stolen.

Theft Alert v2.1 works on all Pocket PC devices running on Windows Mobile 5.0, and the way it works is quite simple. Each time the PDA/smartphone is cold booted or soft reset, the software automatically checks to the subscriber identity module. If the SIM does not match the one that was originally registered, it automatically sends a hidden message using the thief’s SIM to a pre-defined number, and from there, you can figure out who stole your glorious organizer cum communicator.

Of course, if the crook just starts dialling and messaging away with your SIM still attached and manages to keep it charged so that it doesn’t have to reboot, you’re out of luck. But hey, Thief Alert v2.1 is only fifteen bucks, so it can’t hurt.