Scientists develop odor replicator

Scientists develop odor replicator


Stop and smell the roses—and take the scent with you.

A device developed by a Japanese scientist can record the particulars of an odor and replicate it later. Technically, 15 sensors record and analyze the smell in digital format and then mix up to 96 chemicals in order to replicate the result at a different time and place.

We can imagine such a device acting as a “sound recorder” in much the same way as an audio or video recorder. However, the device as it stands now is impractical as a portable option. The machine is a few feet in length. A portable version is available, but it is only a recorder; in order to use this device to replicate smells, it must be hooked up to the main device.

A variety of smells has already been replicated, including apples, bananas, lemons, and oranges. Other smells are being replicated as well. The scientists are working with a perfume company, too.