Palm Ultralight Wireless Headset packs DSP

Palm Ultralight Wireless Headset packs DSP


As if the wide selection of Bluetooth headsets from the likes of Jabra, Motorola, Nokia, and loads of other companies wasn’t enough to whet your wireless chatting whistle, the crew over at Palm are set to release a headset for the Treo all their own… sort of. While you may think that it is a completely original creation, the Palm Ultralight Wireless Headset is just a re-badged Plantronics 645.

There isn’t a heck of a lot that sets this piece apart from the competition, except perhaps for the inclusion of DSP. The metal carrying case is a nice classy touch to go with your nice classy PDA phone, and you won’t need to lug around an extra charger because the Ultralight Wireless Headset can make use of the same AC adapter as the Treo.

Now available directly from the crew at Palm, the Ultralight Wireless Headset comes attached with a somewhat heftier price tag, with MSRP set at 130 smackaroos.