Motorola RAZR goes tropical with lime green variant

Motorola RAZR goes tropical with lime green variant


Mobile phones have come a long way since the days of Zack Morris on Saved by the Bell and his huge honking handset. We’ve seen the smallest of the small, but it never really caught on. What did catch on was being skinny, and it was all thanks to the Motorola RAZR when it launched oh so long ago. They’ve released a few updated versions that provide music playing or an improved camera to the mix, but it seems that the most popular alteration is color.

When the RAZR went black, we thought we’d never go back (to silver). Then along came hot pink for all your girly-girls out there. Well, get ready to add yet another color to your slim palette, because it seems the big M is gearing up for a new flavour of RAZR: lime.

The tropical fruit-colored phone doesn’t add any extra functionality to the mix, but according to Motorola Korea Marketing Director Jung A. Lim, the lime green RAZR is perfect “for this summer.”

Get in line, because the lime RAZR launches at the end of this month.