More fingerprint reading from Buffalo

More fingerprint reading from Buffalo


Biometrics just aren’t as sexy as they used be, say, a few months ago. I guess we just have to wait until they start throwing in some affordable retina scanners or something, before there’s another big surge in the industry, but in the meantime, it seems that fingerprint reading is all the rage. Buffalo is going to ride this biometric train as far as it will take them, and the new RUF2-FS series of USB thumb drives is the latest addition to their line of fingerprint reader-equipped devices.

The size (27 x 77 x 15mm) and weight (19 grams) aren’t particularly notable, putting the Buffalo thumb drives right in line with the rest of the competition. The capacities available – 256MB, 512MB, and 1GB – aren’t exactly industry-leading either, but you can rest assured that your private files will remain reasonably safe thanks to the integrated fingerprint reader.

The plan is to start shipping later this month, with prices set at $103, $155, and $216 for each successive capacity drive.