iPods going metal, learning to talk?

iPods going metal, learning to talk?


A couple of juicy iPod rumors are popping up on the radar this week. The first, by way of another patent application, is that a talking iPod may be in the works. It would let you know via audible announcements all the information about song titles, performers and album information. The development would have two main purposes. First, it would be some wow factor when competing with all the companies out to kill the iPod. Second, on the safety front, it would allow people to know what is going on without having to take their eyes off the road.

The second rumor is that the Nano may get a new metal case to cut down on problems with scratching. It would also allow Apple to introduce more colors for the players, which is another way to keep eyes trained on their devices. Everyone has black and white device these days.

As with every Apple rumor, we have no confirmation from the company, and we likely won’t until the day they hit the market.