Hyanide tank-like bike is pretty darn rugged

Hyanide tank-like bike is pretty darn rugged


If you thought that motorcycles were only meant to be used during the summer months, when the weather is a little nicer (and drier), think again because the Hyanide has the form factor of a bike, but packs in tank-like tread that can handle just about any terrain.

A radically rugged design, the Hyanide is being marketed as “a bike, a snowmobile and a 4 x 4 hybrid.” In this way, it’s easily an all-season vehicle, but I’m thinking it may not be the best vehicle to use down the interstate on your daily comute.

Consisting of 77 identical hard plastic segments wrapped in tire rubber, the tank-like tread, held together by Kevlar rope, allows you to get a grip on the snow, rocky roads, or wherever life’s (back)roads may take you.

Power comes from a 500cc single-cylinder engine capable of developing 60 horsepower and pushing you to your limits at 85mph. No word on pricing or availability.