Down to one: Single-finger mouse on the way

Down to one: Single-finger mouse on the way


Why use all five fingers when only one is necessary? That’s the question that LG asked and then answered in building their Finger Mouse, which is set to be released soon.

You’ll need only finger because the left-click and right-click buttons are part of the same larger button. If you want to left-click, just click on the top of the button; the bottom approximates a right-click. The scroll wheel is on the side; if you really want to use just one finger for everything, you can.

The photo shows a cord, of course, so the first version probably won’t be a wireless one. Still, the mouse is designed to fit in your pocket so it can accompany a laptop wherever you go.

Sorry to say that we can’t give you pricing or availability information because LG isn’t forthcoming with that yet. Still, for this writer at least, it’s something to anticipate.