Apricorn Aegis Mini external hard drive

Apricorn Aegis Mini external hard drive


Somewhere between an apricot and a Capricorn is a company that goes by “Apricorn.” You may not have heard of them before, but if you’re in the market for a portable storage solution, you may want to keep them in mind because Apricorn has just unveiled their new Aegis Mini portable hard drive, compatible with both PCs and MACs.

The pocket-sized device (smaller than a deck of cards) packs in an ultra-portable 1.8-inch hard drive, available in 30GB and 60GB flavours depending on how much stuff you want to carry around with you. Not only can you make use the now standard issue USB 2.0 connection, but if you’ve got love for FireWire, so does Apricorn.

No need to lug around an extra wire, because the cable is integrated right into the Aegis Mini, wrapping around the chassis when not in use. Bundled in with the package is Apricorn’s Data Protection Suite software for backup, synchronization, and encryption purposes. Another “free extra” is the neoprene carry pouch.

The USB 2.0 Aegis Mini will run you $159 and $239 for the 30GB and 60GB versions, respectively, with the FireWire editions costing an extra ten bucks.