A glimpse into the 8GB SanDisk Sansa e280

A glimpse into the 8GB SanDisk Sansa e280


Apple may have the lion’s share of the portable music market, but there are plenty of competitors out there vying for what’s left of that incredibly lucrative pie. SanDisk, a company better known for portable storage and memory card media, is one such player and it seems they are planning to up the storage on their Sansa line with the forthcoming 8GB e280.

You won’t find any moving parts or a power-hungry hard drive on this piece, because the good people at SanDisk have thankfully opted for 8 gigs worth of flash memory instead. Although still in the rumour stages, there was a 360 degree demo posted up on the SanDisk official website of the 8GB Sansa, but it was promptly removed.

No word on a launch date because, well, SanDisk hasn’t even officially gone on the record with this thing, but we do hear that the Sansa e280 will likely be priced at $280.