Spare the umbrella: NYC to be under ‘Wi-Fi cloud’

Spare the umbrella: NYC to be under ‘Wi-Fi cloud’


Sounds like something right out of a Michael Crichton novel: New York City will soon be covered by a “Wi-Fi cloud” of hotspots, marking the nation’s most populous citywide network.

The big provider is Microwave Satellite and its NuVisions hot zones, which already cover large areas of the city. In this unique setting, someone who lives in a building that has been outfitted by NuVisions can plug into any electrical outfit and access the Wi-Fi service. That kind of ease of functionality costs, of course, to the tune of US$24.95 a month. But New Yorker subscribers can then also access any one of a host of hot zones across the city for free.

Another predominant model is the 10-hour pass, which NuVisions sells to customers for US$9.95. That pass expires after a month, which is 29 days longer than the kind of pass that Starbucks or other providers offer.

NuVisions plans to expand its offerings to include VoIP calls, live TV, Internet gaming, and other interactive services. The company also intends to pursue such Wi-Fi clouds in Chicago and San Francisco, among other large cities. Start spreading the news.