Pair of WiFi clamshells from D-Link shipping

Pair of WiFi clamshells from D-Link shipping


D-Link is not particularly known in the mobilephone arena, but they are a respected name when it comes to wireless home networking and the like. These most recent offerings don’t exactly fall into the cellular phone realm, because the D-Link DPG-540 and DPH-541 appear to be WiFi-only clamshells. What’s more, they show no love for Skype.

Instead, the two phones — the only thing that distinguishes them is their color, with the 540 being black and the 541 being silver — are compatible with SIP (PsipTN). The phones won’t work right out of the box, because you will need to sign up with a 3rd party VoIP provider in order to receive any kind of service. Even then, hotspots are few and far between.

Available now, the D-Link DPH-540 and DPH-541 come with an asking price of $249.