New Toyota Corolla delayed until 2008

New Toyota Corolla delayed until 2008


Toyota has been real busy developing new models and working on redesigns lately that they seemed to have left their best selling vehicle a little left behind. Sure, we can now zip around the city in a brand new Yaris or climb up the mountain with the best of them by way of the FJ Cruiser, but what about the poor ol’ Corolla? It seems that with the development team stretched so thin, a redesign for the budget-minded sedan won’t be ready until spring 2008.

According to trade publication Automotive News, the Japanese carmaker just didn’t have the resources available to work on the Corolla redesign, because they have their engineers far too busy on several other projects. Like most other companies in the automotive industry, Toyota typically aims to replace their vehicles about every five years, but they’re in no rush with the Corolla, which is still selling incredibly well.

Many car enthusiasts dub the Corolla a boring, but reliable car. It seems that Toyota might be aiming to jazz up the Corolla’s reputation, and make it a little more aggressive and/or sporty to compete with the Honda Civic, said Jim Hall, AutoPacific analyst.