Cingular hits up the low end with Motorola C139

Cingular hits up the low end with Motorola C139


Pay as you go users tend to be among the more budget-minded consumers in the market, always looking to save a buck or two whenever possible. After all, why pay for extra minutes every month if you won’t use them all? For customers looking for something simple, reliable, and cheap, Cingular has picked up the entry-level Motorola C139, a candybar available for less than forty bucks ($39.99). It even comes with $10 worth of airtime.

It may not be as slim as a SLVR or as sexy as the Q, but it does have some of the “curvaceous” cues of the higher-end PEBL clamshell. Available to Cingular GoPhone customers, the Motorola C139 is pretty bare bones. You won’t find a camera or Bluetooth, but at least SMS’ing is made a little easier thanks to iTAP predictive text. A basic calendar and schedule is here, but it won’t exactly replace a BlackBerry, but hey, what do you expect for forty bucks.

According to vice president of sales Bob Suastegui, “the Motorola C139 provides dependable functionality for those on a budget.” Just don’t expect anything that’ll floor you (other than the price).