Sony Ericsson concept reinvents the flip phone

Sony Ericsson concept reinvents the flip phone


Sony Ericsson has been quite the prosperous partnership, most recently with the popular Walkman line, and now it seems that the cell phone maker is ready to reinvent the flip phone with a cool new concept heading to the patent office.

There’s something that everyone loves about clamshells. It could be the emphatic snapping sound each time it closes, who knows. At the same time, people like sliders for their large displays. Sony Ericsson wants to give you the best of both worlds: the large color display rotates so that it can be seen whether the phone is opened or closed. It might even be auto-rotating.

In this way, the phone can stay closed more often, just as many swivel and slider designs allow.

But wait, there’s more. Not content with just a cool new take on an older design, Sony Ericsson is also mentioning a long list of features to accompany including data processing, internet access, PDA functions, organizer, calendar, and GPS.