Boxy MW econowagon from Chevrolet comes with leather

Boxy MW econowagon from Chevrolet comes with leather


It’s not very often, if ever, that you hear the terms “Japan only” and “Chevrolet” in the same breath, which is why the Chevrolet MW is quite the unique vehicle. Essentially a rebadged Suzuki Wagon R, this boxy wagon fits into the same hipster market that the Scion xB does on our side of the Pacific, but sadly the MW will never leave the land of the rising sun.

They’ve taken the Wagon R kei car, dressed it up with a few upscale things, and the resulting MW seems like quite the total package. The cloth seats found in the Suzuki version have been abandoned in favour of leather, as well as other interior upgrades. The engine is a 1.3L four-banger (88hp), replacing the 660cc 3-cylinder powerplant found in the Wagon R (50hp naturally aspirated, 64hp with a turbo).

While we may never see the MW Stateside, it does seem to show things to come, considering that North America now has the Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, Nissan Versa and other econobox. Econowagons like this can’t be far behind.