Bluetooth headphones offer streaming stereo

Bluetooth headphones offer streaming stereo


Not sure about you, but I’m a sucker for clever names. This company certainly has one: It’s Blue Ant, and it’s out of Australia. Its latest product is a stereo bluetooth headset, the X5.

This rather large yet handy headset does what you would expect it to—connect to an audio device, portable or not, via a wire or the trendy wireless Bluetooth. The headset has a detachable microphone, so your neck won’t ache if you happen to make or take a call that lasts into the night. You can also use these headphones to connect to your PDA or even your PC, all with the comfort of wireless.

The battery has up to 12 hours of use at a time, and it can be charged via AC or USB. You can get one here for just US$140. You can also check out the company’s other products, including other Bluetooth favorites like a speakerphone and sonic speakers.