100 hours of tunes? It’s the plane truth

100 hours of tunes? It’s the plane truth


Airlines are always looking for marketing strategies to set themselves apart from their competitors. It won’t be long before you can yak on your mobile phone while the plane is in the air. You can already listen to your iPod or watch a DVD on your laptop for most of the flight. But what do you do when your batteries run out?

Well, the airlines are here to help you there, too. Officially, the product comes from a private company, Battery Geek. However, we suspect that the airlines will soon be trying to claim it as their own. (Indeed, the distributor claims that it has already sold 400 to a European airline.)

It’s the GeekPod 100, and the 100 stands for the number of hours of power you can get before you need to recharge. Such a portable power source will no doubt be very popular to people who take long plane flights. For most of us, that 100 hours is probably an excessive amount; at the least, we won’t have to recharge for a year or more.

Technically, the GeekPod is a battery pack, which you have to hook up to that iPod. It’s not like a denser memory card that you can just insert, but that might be a small price to pay for the added convenience of drowning out the crying baby two rows back with your favorite tunes.

Right out of the box, the GeekPod works with the latest video models and nanos. Presumably, you can hook up another brand of music player as well. You can also hook up smartphones and other mobile devices, including portable DVD players. Which brings us to the obligatory truth-in-advertising warning: That 100 in the product name is the number of hours of audio hours you get; video eats up more battery, naturally, and the GeekPod 100 gives you only 12 extra hours of video. Still, that’s the duration of most transcontinental flights, so enjoy.