Wristwatch transforms into cell phone

Wristwatch transforms into cell phone


Here’s another strange invention coming out of the Yanko Design website. As with nearly everything concept that emerges from that realm, there’s no word on when (if ever) this will ever hit the market, but it would certainly be an interesting entry into a market that is thirsting for innovation.

Designed by Manon Maneenawa, the “Triple Watch Cell Phone” may look like a fairly standard digital wristwatch, but with a slide and flip, it transforms into a “normal cell phone.”

According to Maneenawa, you simply “slide the unit out of the wristwatch band, and with the triple-flip technique [hence the product’s name], extend it to use as a normal cell phone.”

If you’re wondering why don’t you just leave the watch where it is and throw on a Bluetooth headset like other wrist-worn phone concepts on the interweb, Manon is quick to point out that the Triple Watch Cell Phone can do that too. Alternatively, while in watch mode, there is a speaker phone button “that allows the user to answer the phone and hang up while driving”.