Soundwalk speaker vest eliminates headphones

Soundwalk speaker vest eliminates headphones


No, we’re not reporting on the latest bulletproof vest technology coming out of Asia that packs RFID tags, DMB TV or anything like that. Instead, this SWAT gear-looking article of clothing is a speaker set that you wear. Dubbed the “Soundwalk”, it appears to be designed for use in the great outdoors, perfect for disturbing the critters on your nature walk or hike.

Designed by AZA Extremes, the vest packs speakers in both shoulder pockets, providing true stereo sound without blocking out the rest of the world the way that ear buds would.

If you don’t feel that black is the new black, so to speak, AZA is also releasing versions of the Soundwalk vest in other colors and designs, including red and what appears to be camo. Yes, because you’ll blend right in among the trees with Metallica blasting out of your shoulders.