S-Class limo from Binz (not a typo) sports six doors

S-Class limo from Binz (not a typo) sports six doors


Not to be confused with the Daimler Chrysler German namesake, Binz of the United Kingdom is gearing up to release a six-door limousine known as the S-Class.

While the additional pair of doors presents a rather strange (almost PhotoShopped-like) look, it appears to be quite functional. Getting in and out of the second and third rows couldn’t be eaiser. No need to crawl around in the cabin to emerge from your standard sideways-facing limo seats.

All three rows of seating are forward-facing, just like any sedan on the market. They’ve blasted up the air conditioning on this car to “middle eastern specifications”, so if it can keep the heat of the desert at a minimum, a warmer day in London shouldn’t be a problem.

While headrest-mounted video screens are available as an option, something is notably missing from this car that is needed for a true stretch limo look: super dark window tint.